It’s been months since you have been using hand sanitizers, slathering it every time they come in contact with a shared object or surface. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that due to the threat of the novel COVID-19 virus, you simply can’t do without having an effective hand sanitizer at their disposal.

Now, it’s already established that quality hand sanitizers help eliminate germs, bacteria and other existing filth from your hands. This makes using them regularly and repeatedly, very important for your hygiene and well-being! But, that being said –you may be making some errors when applying them.

For starters – there are limitations to their use particularly since hand sanitizers are not a cure for the COVID-19 virus. Rather, it’s a convenient and useful resource which helps mitigate its spread only.

Unfortunately, many avid users remain oblivious to the caveats of overusing hand sanitizers. Even you might be making them (of course unintentionally). But, that changes here.

Below Lists Out 8 Common Mistakes Which You Might Be Committing When Disinfecting Your Hands With Sanitizers!

Using Wrong Hand Sanitizers –
Not every hand sanitizer you come across is equal. The best choice however, should be ones containing 70% isopropyl alcohol or 60% ethyl alcohol. So, when sorting your options make sure to check the label at the back.

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Not Using It Long Enough –
Applying hand sanitizers is not a formality which you have to meet. You need to use it the way it is intended and that includes rubbing it all over your hands for a good 20-30 seconds at max.

Not Cleaning All Areas of Your Hand –
Some people use hand sanitizers just for the sake of using it. But that’s not right. You should look to apply it properly and that means rubbing it over every nook and corner of your palms. Leaving even a tiny area un-sanitized can transfer particles of a potential virus or germ into your eyes, ears and even mouth.

Being Careless Around Flames or Candles –
You need to remember that hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and thus are flammable products. There have been incidents when users experienced burns on their hands because they were using it near a burning candle or an open flame- such as cigarette lighter!

The general rule of thumb would be to wait for a few seconds for the alcohol solution to dry up. And just so you stay safe, keep away from any open flame for 20-30 minutes after application.

Not Sanitizing Prior to Eating –
Sanitizing your hands after meals or touching a surface is fine. But what about disinfecting them before eating…? Ask yourself how often do you do it?

Let’s not get into the past. Rather look to change your habit and from now onwards sanitize your hands properly prior to eating. It’s for the simple reason that the food you touch with your otherwise dirty and un-sanitized hands will enter your mouth and make you prone to sickness and health risks.

Sanitizing When Hands Are Dirty or Greasy –
This is a common mistake many users make. Getting so much into the habit of using sanitizers can at times make them erroneously apply them on dirty or greasy hands. But, that’s not how it should be.

The right course of action should be to wash your dirty, grimy and greasy hands properly using a mild soap and water for 20 seconds. This physical act using soap and water will effectively remove the existing germs and filth from your palms and make it ready for sanitizing.

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Not Letting the Product to Dry Properly –
Whenever you try to accelerate the sanitizer’s drying process; you are basically limiting its effectiveness before giving it a chance to seep into your skin and do its job. Hand sanitizers usually need a fraction of contact time with a surface to work as intended. Wiping them off prematurely; will dry your hands quickly, render your sanitizer useless and give you the false sense of hope that you’re protected- when really you’re not!

Overusing –
Remember, hand sanitizers are good bacteria which can irritate your skin when used excessively. You can also experience chapped hands. To take care of this; you should moisturize your hands with a proper cream.

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