Maintaining proper hand hygiene is always crucial. But nowadays it has become one of the most crucial hygiene practices for everyone to follow and stay contamination free.

To help achieve optimal hand hygiene – hand sanitizers often play a very important role.

The process involves firstly washing your hands with soap and water properly for at least 20-seconds. And once your hand dries, applying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer all over your palm thoroughly!

Furthermore –hand sanitizers also prevent the spread of several perilous diseases in hospital or health care facilities. And if this isn’t enough; use of proper hand sanitizers also prevents any potential risks of food poisoning occurring from schools/workplaces and college kitchen/canteens.

“Both the Centre for Disease Controls (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) highly recommend using quality alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the day, more so if that place doesn’t have water and soap for washing.”

However, there’s still a lot which we may not know about hand sanitizers. All of that changes here! So sit tight and check out these fascinating facts about hand sanitizers!

FACT 1 – “Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers Cause Less Skin Irritation Than Alcohol –Free Sanitizers.”

Health care studies point out that hand-sanitizers with 70-95% alcohol are more effective in eliminating germs and bacteria than sanitizers with no/lower alcohol concentration.

Pristine Clean Hand Sanitizers come with 70% alcohol concentration, is very effective in killing germs and bacteria and is rated safe to use as per the department of agriculture. Moreover, they are also certified by none other than WHO and EU standards.

FACT 2 – “Some Brands of Hand Sanitizers Are Known To Contain Ample Traces Of Triclosan, An Antibacterial And Antifungal Substance Known To Cause Muscle Impairment”

It’s true. A host of lab results revealed this supposed antibacterial and anti-fungal substance is known to cause muscle impairment in lab animals. Due to this, such Triclosan incorporated hand sanitizers were banned by the FDA.

CELTIC CLEANING; as your trusted online retail outlet in Ireland specializes in all varieties of personal hygienic and quality cleaning products- be it for your home, offices; businesses and so on.

For your personal hand hygiene; we deliver you safe and government approved Pristine Clean Hand Sanitizer Drums @ discounted rates. Moreover, our offered hand sanitizers don’t feature any questionable and potentially perilous substances. In fact they come with a PCS code as evidence that our products are ready and safe for general use.

FACT 3 – “Even The Best Hand Sanitizers Lose Its Effectiveness When Applied Over Greasy Or Filthy Hands.”

Regardless of whether you regularly operate at a hospital, Food Company or participate in sports tournaments; applying hand sanitizers over your filthy and greasy hands won’t work as well as you intend it to.

The best way to achieve optimal hand hygiene is washing it properly using a mild soap and clean water for 20+ seconds and then applying the hand sanitizer once your hand dries completely. It is the only way to kill more germs and filth from your hands.

FACT 4 –“Hand Sanitizers Can Be Toxic Especially for Children.”

Hand sanitizers are created for external use only. And if accidentally ingested, it can have toxic reactions. This applies more so in case of little children who have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. If they do so, then it could irritate their throat lining and lead to gastrointestinal complications.

Moreover the FDA also states that even if a small proportion is accidentally ingested, it could cause alcohol poisoning. Another point worth mentioning is that hand sanitizers come with flammable concerns.

To avoid these potential dangers; store your hand sanitizers in a safe location and possibly far away from sources of ignition!

Need Quality Hand Sanitizers?

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