We all value and appreciate the importance of good hygiene. More so at present considering how much the novel corona virus (COVID-19) adversely impacted the lives of so many people across the sphere.

In such desperate times, staying clean and properly disinfected became more crucial than ever. Fortunately; the FDA, CDCs and even WHO established that using reliable hygienic products does prove effective in maintaining proper cleanliness.

Even though there may be some so-called hygiene products which may consists of some harsh chemicals- like for example Triclosan (a synthetic anti-bacterial chemical found in soaps) also categorised as carcinogenic; not all of them cause adverse effects. Contrarily; there are several natural hygiene products which prove effective in washing off the dust, germs, bacteria and even potential COVID-19 contamination threats!

Hands are probably the most common transmission agents of spreading COVID-19 contamination. Because of that maintaining appropriate hand hygiene becomes extremely important.

That said, questions have arisen pertaining to the appropriate use of hand sanitisers. Some even want to know – How Much Hand Sanitiser Use Is Considered Too Much…? 

Digging Deeper On How To Properly Use Hand Sanitisers?

You should always apply a quarter-size splotch on your palms and adequately rub it throughout every part of your hands. Do this for 20 seconds and allow it to dry off completely.

Additionally; you should also properly go through the instructions at the back of the bottle. Look to use them once every hour. 

Hand Sanitisers & Its Effectiveness…

Celtic Cleaning is totally committed to delivering only the best-in-quality and government sanctioned hygiene products to ensure all customers get the safest sanitization products; at cost-effective rates.

As your most reliable hygiene products suppliers in Cork & Galwaywe offer you sanitisers containing Aloe Vera extract for proper moistening and can dry rather quickly. They also feature 70% alcohol and are certified by EU and even WHO.

  • Furthermore; sanitisers having 70% of ethyl alcohol can kill approximately 99.9% of bacteria and other germs within 30 seconds.
  • And in one minute, their effectiveness escalates to 99.999%.
  • Moreover, top quality hand sanitisers start their effectiveness in less than 10 second

Moreover, sanitisers containing 70% of alcohol tend to evaporate very quickly. However, they prove very effective in killing all risky bacteria and existing filth.

On the flip side using smaller doses tend to evaporate faster and thus prove way less effective in eliminating microbes!

Hand Sanitisers & Its Expiration…

Generally speaking, top rated hand sanitisers tend to expire within 3 years of use after their manufacturing date.

Post its expiration, regardless of which brand or quality-assured hand sanitiser you use, its existing alcohol concentration will reduce to 60%- thus rendering it incapable of killing germs and bacteria as well as before!

ANSWERING THE QUESTION – How Much Sanitiser Use Is Too Much?

Truth be told –there’s a limit to everything- even when using hand sanitisers. Excessively using it can lead to skin dryness, irritation, skin inflammation and even hypertension irritant dermatitis.

That’s why you should always be judicious when using it.

More specifically; you must avoid using hand sanitiser within every 10-15 minutes or even half an hour.  In fact, use them only when you come across an unhygienic item, surface or person!

Another thing which is worth mentioning is that whenever you apply hand sanitisers; allow it to properly dry over your palms.

Don’t proceed with your work if the sanitiser hasn’t dried completely yet, particularly so during eating meals. Even the smallest proportion of chemical if ingested can result in alcohol poisoning.

So be very careful.

Your Most Reliable Hygiene Products Suppliers in Cork & Galway…

Labeling as among the most reliable hygiene products suppliers in Cork & Galway; Celtic Cleaning; also offers you a wide variety of –

DispensersSanitiser ProductsFace MasksAntibacterial Wipes
Manual dispensers60mlDisposal face masks16 packs
Dispensers with child background100ml -500ml rangeCertified as per EU standards12 packs
Dispensers with safety background5 liter sanitiser drumsBreathable 3ply cotton material24 packs

That’s not all.

We also present to you best-in-quality hygiene products like disposal face masks, 60ml sanitisers and even 100ml sanitisers at excitable discounted prices.

We Offer Free Nation-Wide Delivery within All Prime Cities in Cork, Dublin and Galway

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