Ever since the novel SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus jolted not just the world but the very foundations of our daily existence, everyone’s gotten all obsess about maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Fearing for our own health as well as that of your loves ones (especially the senior members in the family); everyone’s making their business to disinfect every nook and cranny of your living spaces using quality anti-bacterial wipes.

More on Wet Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes…

As you may well know – Anti-bacterial wet wipes are drenched with appropriate chemicals known to destroy all kinds of germs. Some even say- they are effective in eliminating the deadly virus responsible for causing COVID-19 contamination.

All you have to do is exposure these chemical drenched anti-bacterial wet wipes over the germ-prone surface and leave it for 10 minutes.

Of course, there are many who swipe these wipes quickly over the germ-prone surface. But doing so only allows the soaked chemical solution to quickly evaporate. Plus, exposing these wipes to the germ-prone surfaces for such a short time isn’t enough to eradicate every trace of existing germs.

What’s The Correct Way? 

The right way to use the best quality anti-bacterial wet wipes is going slow and making sure the wipe surface stays damp for the right amount of time to eradicate all existing germs.

Supposedly; if you work on a solid granite countertop; you can use quality anti-bacterial wipes on the surface for 5-10 minutes. However, don’t use the same wipe for multiple swipes. Rather use multiple wipes one after another to achieve optimal sanitization and protection against the dreaded COVID-19 threat!

CELTIC CLEANSING Always Puts The Needs Of Customers First…!

As your reliable and premier hygiene and sanitation distributor; in West of Ireland– we always look to put the needs of our customers at first. And for their optimum safety and protection against COVID-19 infection; we supply you self health, hygiene and sanitation products across Ireland and beyond.

Moreover – we offer you best quality anti-bacterial wet wipes for your daily healthier lifestyle use. We offer our quality anti-bacterial wet wipes for all types of dirty, germ-filled surfaces/spaces at affordable rates. Also, our anti-bacterial wipes are alcohol and paraben free, lime scented and quality approved.

Using Our Ultra Compact Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes to Fight Germs & Bacteria

  • For Equipment & Hard-Touch Surfaces –

First things first; our superior quality anti-bacterial wet wipes are designed to clean and sanitize all hard touch surfaces, food prepping areas and regularly used equipment. By giving it a proper wipe and letting it stay on those surfaces for 10 –minutes at the least; our anti-bacterial wipes are your best solution to aptly sanitizing and eliminating all traces of lingering germs and bacteria.

So, if you’re searching for a handy, easy-to-use disposal option to keep bacteria away from worktops, drawer fronts, refrigerators and other; our anti-bacterial wet wipes are just the thing for you.

  • For Microwave Handles & Refrigerators –

Handles (be it doors, windows, fridges, microwaves or any other) are often overlooked in its cleanliness. And since everyone touches them several times during the day; it is safe to say that the surface is crammed with hideous bacteria, germs and other contagious filths.

Fortunately for you; our superior quality anti-bacterial wipes prove to be the perfect item to help you stop the spread of these bacteria and germs in its tracks. Use them for a quick wipe of all commonly touched handles and make it safe for those next coming in contact with it.

  • For Keyboards & Trays –

Since our best-in-quality anti-bacterial wipes are perfect for all-hard surfaces; we recommend you to use them in all food preparation areas be it at office or at your home kitchen area.

Along with that; you should also look to wipe them properly using our finest quality of anti-bacterial wipes to prevent any spread of germs. Cleaning these trays with our disinfecting wipes will ensure the food plates rest on healthy and sanitized trays.

That said; you should also know that your office/home keyboards harbour countless bacteria and germs which lurk inside its keys. To prevent any chances of infection; we recommend using our wet anti-bacterial wipes to clean your desk keyboards thoroughly on a daily basis.

  • For Desks & Chair Arm Rests –

After you finish wiping keyboards and trays; give your home/work desk some TLC – (tender loving care) and aim to detoxify it.

If you have the habit of eating at your work desk (be it snacks or lunch) then you must wipe it with our wet anti-bacterial wipes every day. This way; you will prevent any chance of germs and bacteria amassing over the desk surface and spreading.

Also, while you sanitizing your home/office desks; make it a point to properly dab the chair’s arm rests using our best anti-bacterial wipes.

If You Need The Finest Quality of Anti-Bacterial Wipes For Your Daily Use? Visit Us & Order Today!

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