After months of struggle, maintaining social distancing and isolating oneself; some glimmer of hope arose when the infection rates somewhat declined in the gone-by recent few months (even if it was or a brief span).

But with news of the second wave of COVID-19 infections occurring and quickly spiking; it’s wise to think that the threat is still not over.

Infact, taking into account the recent statistics and infection rate trends in some countries; there is every possibility that the numbers will surge even more in the approaching months.

In such delicate times; staying clean and disinfected along with keeping your surrounding place – be it your home, your office or even your wholesale / retail outlet; becomes ever more important!

What Routine Cleaning Should You Adopt For Your Retail Outlet?

Develop a Routine Cleaning & Disinfection Checklist
It is believed that the virus which causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces and contaminate individuals who come in contact with them unknowingly. And since your retail outlet is a place where you serve your numerous customers on a daily basis; it is imperative to keep all hard surfaces properly cleaned and sanitized at least twice or thrice a day.

Some of those include counters, tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, stairs, rails, handles, desks, phones, faucets, keyboards, sinks and so on.

To achieve optimal and consistent cleanliness and hygiene on such hard-to-touch surfaces; Celtic Cleansing offers you top quality anti-bacterial wipes and other necessary retail outlet cleaning products to keep your retail outlet free from COVID-19 infection threat!

What Your Priority Retail Outlet Cleaning Should Entail?

Cleaning checkout stations and payment pads, light switches, handrails, store entrance push/pull pads/doorknobs/handles.
Properly stocking equipment and reliable hygiene products supplies
Dust- and wet-mopping
Scrubbing floors
Vacuuming entryways and other common high traffic areas
Removing trash and cleaning restrooms
Properly wiping heat and air conditioner vents
Comprehensive spot cleaning walls, carpets
Dusting horizontal surfaces and electric boards, shelves, cabinets and so on
Cleaning spills
Laundering of linens
And so on!

Arranging For Dispensers For With Safety Backboard to Help the Customers Stay Aware
In addition to quality cleaning and disinfection; you should also look to arrange for wall mounted liquid soap/hand sanitizer to regularly maintain proper cleanliness for all.

In fact, having a quality wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser at your retail outlet is more important than it ever was. Having them around also allows you the scope to request your clients to use them before getting into the business.

Good news for all you retail outlet owners in and across Dublin is that, Celtic Cleansing- your reliable hygiene products supplier in Dublin offers you highly convenient wall mounted liquid soap dispensers to improve hand washing experiences.

Make It Mandatory to Enter the Retail Store Wearing Masks & Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
You need to make it a mandatory rule for all visitors to wear masks, gloves and other WHO-recommended PPE- Personal Protection Equipment; for everyone’s safety. To ensure people listen; make it so that those who don’t wear masks will not be permitted to enter the outlet.

If you wish to have a proper stock of disposable face masks and hand sanitizers, then you can procure it all from Celtic Cleansing.

From breathable 3ply cotton masks certified as per the EU standards to sanitizer products ranging from 60ml –5L drums; we have it all.

Moreover, if someone is showing common indications such as dry coughing, sneezing, running nose and a mild fever, then simply request that person (be it a customer or staff) to take the day off and visit a doctor immediately.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure!

With us unable to break through the infectious shackles of this novel COVID-19, we should look to use every advantage at our disposal to avoid an infection.

Fortunately, Celtic Cleansing is readily providing you all the products you need to stay safe. Plus, they are offering it at very reasonable rates.

So, without procrastinating any further, procure whatever hygiene products you want from them. And also look to follow the aforementioned retail outlet cleaning & disinfecting tips to prevent spread of COVID-19.

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